Remote Care through TeleMedicine (New)

One of the ways we show our commitment is to remain open during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   A few days after the first case of confirmed COVID-19 in California (January 26), we began implementing our first infection containment and surveillance measure in our office.  We revised our intake guideline continually based on our own assessment of risk.   While remaining normal clinic operation, we raised the preventative protocols gradually.  We began to screen patients before their appointments.  We were among the first clinics to establish strict infection control protocols to accommodate patients who had travel history or symptoms and could not enter the clinic in person. 

While southern California remained largely unaffected in late February, we were tuned in to northern California for their relatively proactive handling of community-transmission of the virus.  We began preparing for a near future where in-person office visits would be replaced by tele-health.   We tested new ways of doing things and taking care of people.  We explored 4 sets of communication tools so we knew the pros and cons of each.  Furniture and desks were rearranged almost weekly as March and April 2020 progressed, finding ways to practice social distancing among the staff.  We developed contingency plans, in case any of us has to go into self-quarantine.  

With advanced preparation, we have settled into a new "Remote Care" model.  It enables us to continue offering the same level of personalized care to our clients, in a safe and private setting, all done through telemedicine.  

You will be reminded one day prior to your appointment.  On your appointment day, you will be contacted by our office to collect co-pay or deductible.  A senior staff will call you shortly and begin the pre-history, collecting vital information based on the physician's direction.  When the physician joins in, she will either use the phone or video conference set up, based on your preference.   As the consultation continues into its final phase, it becomes a 3-way conference call / video session among you, the physician, and her assistant.   As the physician concludes her part of the visit, her assistant will stay on the call with you to take care of prescription, referrals, education, and getting you a copy of the lab results, as well as taking care of scheduling your follow up appointment.




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