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Dr. Yen Ingrid Lai M.D. is a trusted advocate for your health.  She is respected by her colleagues and patients for her compassion and deep understanding of how to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.  

To lead by example as a lifelong learner, Dr. Lai has inspired those around her through her own journey to continue refining her expertise.  In her quest for a more well-rounded approach to helping her patients, Dr. Lai has carefully selected evidence-based training modalities to augment her conventional medicine background, and has pursued, practiced, and taught them with enthusiasm over the years.

Dr. Lai graduated with honors from UC Berkeley, did research at Stanford, and completed her M.D. training at a top medical school, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  After completing her residency training in Family Medicine at the county hospital in San Bernardino, she finished a fellowship in OB/Women's Health at U.S.C.   

Dr. Lai began her training in the field of integrative medicine more than 15 years ago.  She is dual-board certified in Family Medicine and in Integrative Medicine.  She is trained in medical acupuncture through Helms Medical Institute offered through UCLA and Stanford.  After several years of completing the required training, in 2013, Dr. Lai was in the first group to become a Certified Practitioner through Institute of Functional Medicine.   Later, she was introduced to the field of homeopathy, and has enjoyed learning this specialized area from other health professionals in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Dr. Lai maintains an active role in mentoring and training future family medicine physicians.  She held leadership as a core faculty and spearheaded the OB/Women's Health track at the family medicine residency program in Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, affiliated with Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  As the Director of Maternity Care, she helped nurture a cordial and amicable environment among departments, the nursing staff, and the residency program.   She received the "Faculty of the Year" Award in 2010 in recognition for her dedication.  Dr. Lai has been a faculty at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, one of the oldest and largest residency programs, where she continues her academic teaching and working with the underserved patients.

Dr. Lai has been a featured speaker at numerous community and academic functions, on topics ranging from women's health, neuroscience, hormones, fatigue and stress, and chronic disease management.  Growing up on the east coast, Dr. Lai enjoys sunny California and loves to travel.  She loves music, flower arrangement, Brazilian comic books, and fragrant tea bags.  She enjoys thoughtful conversations with family, friends, and co-workers.  



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