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ReNovi Health offers best practices from both fields of Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine.  This benefits the patients when choosing from a wide array of tools to diagnose and treat health conditions.

Family Medicine

We offer comprehensive care for acute and chronic illness, including pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, and preventive care.

Dr. Lai is dual-board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine.  She has been a family medicine physician for more than 20 years, caring for patients from "newborn" to "golden years."  She also trains young family medicine physicians as part of her academic affiliation with residency programs.  

The essence of family medicine is treating a patient in the context of the family he/she is from.  Learning to recognize risk factors from family history.  Discerning patterns of stressors as well as life circumstances that make a person resilient toward stressors.  We love the Family Medicine aspect of our office, and enjoy seeing how a patient's improvement adds to the joy of his/her family members.  We also understand the sacred responsibility of the "physician-patient" relationship, where not every diagnosis is derived from lab results, but born out of a doctor's intuition based on personal relationship.

For adults, we take care of men's health, primary care women's health, physicals, contraception, knee & shoulder injections, skin biopsies, EKGs, toenail removals, cyst removals etc.  Of course, we encounter infections, colds, eating disorders, well child exams, sports injuries etc.

Integrative Medicine

"Integrative Medicine, when done right, is like detective work that considers each person's genetic makeup, biochemistry, habits and interests, and living environment, in order to better understand the mystery of what makes that person well."     (quote from Dr. Lai).

Certain services are more pertinent to the practice of integrative medicine. These include testing for enzymes, micronutrient, and hormonal deficiencies. Chronic disesae risk assessment and treatment using Functional Medicine approach. Nutritional and lifestyle change. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, non-hormonal interventions for menopause, detoxification.

Our physician also does medical acupuncture for certain health problems on a select, case-by-case basis. Medical acupuncture refers to the use of acupuncture by trained physicians already well-versed in Western medicine, and uses acupuncture to facilitate healing and therapeutic effects, often in conjunction with existing treatment plans.Patients seeking help with healthy weight loss can benefit from observing how their body composition changes over time. We use Bio-Impedance Spectroscopy as a low-cost, non-invasive tool to help guide the treatment plan for the doctor and her patients.

I wish to be less tired

We can help you rest better, feel more energetic, and boost your overall health and productivity.

Consider some of the factors associated with insomnia and fatigue.  For example, adrenal and/or thyroid dysfunction might lead to fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, and a reduced sense of well-being.  Also, when your neurotransmitters are not in balance, you can experience mood swings, anxiety, irritability, forgetfulness, and trouble sleeping.

Keep a strong heart

Reduce your risk for cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.

Some patients might benefit from tests such as Advanced Lipo-protein Cholesterol Testing, where we monitor Lp-PLA2, an enzyme that contributes to the formation of unstable, rupture-prone plaques inside your blood vessels.  An elevated Lp-PLA2 might promote inflammation inside your arteries, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke.  Tests are available to evaluate for pre-diabetes while there is still time to reverse its progression with personalized treatment plans.

I want to feel good

Repair and optimize your body's natural capacity to defend and renew itself. Know how to minimize the effect of toxic exposures in your daily life.

Do you have inadequate nutritional status despite diligent use of a variety of supplements and a healthy lifestyle? Inadequate digestive health, undiscovered food intolerances, or the cumulative effect of toxin exposures can all affect your overall health status.


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