Policy & Guidelines

updated January 5, 2023

Our office policy establishes certain workflows that enable our team to operate a complex integrative medicine service. These conditions of service help our clients know what to expect when seeking assistance from us.  

Communication Guidlines

With the start of a new year and rapidly changing industry standards, we are updating our communication procedure. Please read the information below for guidelines on how to correspond with our office. click the following 3 tabs (EMAIL | text messages | calls) for details


  • Email

    support @ renovimedicine dot com
    1. Please note that we cannot use email for clinical inquiries.

    2. Instead, use the clinical inquiry form. Please allow 2-3 business days for our office to address your question.

    3. Medical offices typically do not use email as a means of communication for discussing clinical concerns. Instead, a patient should address them during an appointment with the clinician where proper attention can be given to assess and treat.
  • Text Messages

    1. Text is only used for appointment scheduling and logistics related to your appointment. We no longer support using the text for other purposes. People have used it indiscriminately, resulting in heavy traffic and abusive behavior by some. 

    2. Our new system allows us to better organize and customize our responses. 

    3. Medical offices typically do not use text as a means of communication for discussing clinical concerns. Instead, a patient should address them during an appointment with the clinician where proper attention can be given to assess and treat. 
  • calls

    1. A percentage of staff time is dedicated to answering phone calls. Because the majority of staff time is dedicated to assisting clinicians during appointments, we do not have a constant receptionist for live phone calls at all times.  

    2. Leave a message. Calls are logged and answered throughout the day. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. 

    3. Do not leave another voicemail asking if we got the first one. It will delay our response time. 

Medication Refills

On the day of your office visit, our office will send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy within one business day.    

If you need a refill, ask your pharmacy to fax or electronically-send the refill request.  Our office requires 48 - 72 hours to approve the refill.   

When you do not have any refills left, our clinicians need to adjust and give you a new prescription through a scheduled appointment. This applies especially to certain classes of controlled substances.  Our office is strict on this policy because of patient safety, our clinicians' standard of care, and compliance to healthcare regulation. 

Lab and other test orders

Our clinicians order the test(s) based on their clinical judgement.  The test orders will be given on the day of your appointment. In rare occasions, your insurance might choose not to cover certain tests based on their internal criteria.  With over hundreds of insurance programs, we cannot predict ahead of time.  Please don’t get upset at us for the dispute between your insurance and the lab.  Our office will do what we can to support you as you work with your insurance and get it resolved.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the patient, as stipulated on your contract with insurance company and their contract with the lab.   

To minimize uncertainty, you are welcome to call your insurance before the lab work and know ahead of time whether the tests are covered.  When you call, make sure you get the name of the representative and reference number.

All lab orders are final.  The doctor might give you a lab order for a future test date before your next visit.  Please do not call back later and demand the doctor to modify or include additional tests. 

Specialty Tests

Any labs other than Quest and LabCorp are considered specialty tests.  They are not commonly offered in regular doctor’s office.  These optional labs are considered for your benefit, as they expand the diagnostic capability for the clinician to treat your conditions more precisely.  Our office reserves the right to refuse future ordering of specialty tests for individual patients. 


We are a small office.  We do not have constant receptionist present, but we take live phone calls during specific blocks of time.  Please know that we will respond to voice messages you leave, but we can only help you if you leave a message.  Please avoid leaving several messages.   


PHONE: (909)971-9888
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