It is ok to lament... Morning will come!

Special Message from your doctor - March 2021

2021 has been a season of heavy hearts for me and our staff.  An increased number of clients have had suspected cases of COVID.  Some experienced it themselves.  Others coped with seeing their family members deal with that uncertainty.  

Our office has the priviledge to walk with many individuals and families through their encounter with COVID.  While we see patients via telemedicine appointments, most of these COVID inquiries have been sudden and require our immediate assistance, outside of scheduled appointments.  A new norm we have had to live with is longer hours working to address these surges.  Each case is different.  Each takes significant time to understand the symptoms (if any), discuss timeline and appropriate actions, self-care and precaution, and testing.  I have always appreciated our staff for supporting me in these extra efforts.  They are extraordinary.   They are to be treasured.  I urge all our clients to treat them with respect, as most of our clients already do.   Thank you.

Let us remember...  during pandemic time, folks continue to have their medical concerns that need to be addressed.  As you continue to stay healthy and disciplined to your health priorities, my staff and I will stand firm with you, supporting you with the best care we can offer.  

In the midst of walking through uncertainty, I encourage you to recognize the loss you or your family have experienced.  Our kids.  Our elders.  Our co-workers who have lost their business.  Our neighbors who've suffered the loss of their family members.  Take the time to lament and recognize "it is hard."   Amid social distancing, I encourage you to draw even closer from relationships that nourish you.  When others act rudely because "they can't take it anymore," surprise them with kindness and urge them to not give up.  

I believe the morning is coming.  There will come a time when "mourning turns into dancing."  Let's cherish hope.


P.S.  if you are an established client of ReNovi Medicine, expect to get email updates from me and my office.  


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